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Hello I am Janeé the owner of Madre Churros and Cacao.


Most days you can find me taking a yoga class, rock climbing at the gym, or inviting friends over for dinner.  I am mostly known for scoping San Diego’s newest restaurants and having the loudest laugh in the room. People often refer to me as someone who takes chances.

I love serving the world by sharing my love of cacao to everyone. The things I am passionate about in life are mindfulness, family, and mental health awareness.


My mission is to create cacao products for people looking for quality chocolate sourced from its original home—Mexico and to teach my customers how chocolate is made. 


 During my travels in Mexico, I found something, it was my love for cacao. Let me tell you, I have a passion for food and quality ingredients and for this, I wanted to share this single origin cacao with YOU! Not only does Madre Churros and Cacao sell quality cacao bars, nibs, and cacao powder, we have paired it with deliciously hot vegan churro bites. 



Everytime I make chocolate using these nibs, I can smell and taste Chiapas, Mexico. We want you to know that every chocolate product we sell, is a labor of love that we want to share with you.


 I create products for individuals who are conscious of where their food is coming from, people who want to indulge and find pleasure in chocolate and churros. If you are looking for single origin cacao in California, look no further, I've sourced it for you.

Since launching I’ve sold churros at Ocean Beach Farmers Market, Old Town Día de los Muertos, North Park Thursday Market, and La Pulga Flea Market.

When I’m not busy making cacao sauce and churros, you can catch me:
-          Playing with my cat, Ella Raja
-          Planning my next trip to Mexico
-          Making tostadas with my mom

If you’re dying to hear more, here’s a few things you may not know about me:
-          I spent 6 months in Mexico to reconnect with my roots where I studied bean-to-bar making in Chiapas
-          My favorite yoga pose is dancer’s pose
-          My first concerts were Ricky Martin and NSYNC

Still here?  Let’s connect!  Join me at my next event or follow me on Instagram.

Nos vemos pronto,

Janeé Gutierrez

Chocolatier / La Dueña